What to do

Attività didattiche

School activities on industrial archaeology

To live a place, this is the leitmotiv of Marmore Tourist activities and events.
We like when you feel your surrounding territories entering in their essence, avoiding the simple observation.
We want to enrich your travel with experience involving every sense, you will go back to home with a new adventure in your background, not with a simple memory that become vanishing with the time.
We will use the beauty of our places, and the natural resources that are present, like water, the same water that feed the famous waterfalls, the oldest and tallest ever made by mens! We will use our typical foods and drinks that will inspire you with emotions and sensations; we will use nice techniques to discover yourself like the mindfulness… we will involve you in outdoor activities adopting the slow philosophy in trekking, bike, kayak… we will bring you in our history starting more than 2000 years ago up to the last century showing a great industrial archaeology! we will surround you with a magic atmosphere, because our legends talks about elf and fairies living in our trees and rivers, and we will show them for you and for your children.

Contact us at: info@marmoretourist.com