What to know

A wide territory with nature, men work and magic


Marmore is the village of the famous waterfalls, the tallest and oldest man made waterfalls, is a village between two regions, Umbria and Lazio, and between two cities, Terni and Rieti.
Marmore is the ideal place where it is possible to discover a wide territory starting form the city of Terni toward the highland of Rieti on one side, and toward the Nera valley (Valnerina) on the other side passing trough the amazing mountains of the Appennino chain like Terminillo.
This is a land where the work of the nature and the work made by mens is melted in a magic and harmonious contest of extraordinary beauty. The natural elements are the undisputed protagonist; the water, with rivers and lakes and the mountains; but also the man work is attractive like the industrial archaeology, the trekking ways, the mountain bike track where to go for several km, middle age villages, and fairies, sprites and elf, caverns and waterfalls.

Follow us to discover Marmore and all other places… you will make them forever yours.