About us


Parco Campacci di Marmore

We love the places where we live since our born. We would like that all of you know and enjoy these places, not only as they appear but for that they really are! Because we are convinced that if you really will know these place you will love they!

Who we are? We are Andrea, Antonio, Emanuele, Juri, Riccardo and Stefano

We are in Marmore (Terni, Italy), in Campacci Park, at few meters from the famous Marmore’s Waterfalls. We are in the middle of a magnificent land, between two regions, Umbria and Lazio, characterized by the presence of water with lakes, rivers and waterfalls; with very beautiful hills and montains, woods and valleys; with local food products of high quality and fabulous taste like wines, oils, ham, cheeses, truffles, and more! All you need to have an high quality life you can find here: really beautiful nature, good foods, and lovely places to stay.

Our territory is ideal for outdoor sports: trekking, mountain bike, road bike, kayak, climbing, and more.

Here you can discover how humans and nature was able to model each other thanks to the water. Our story is telling you about able roman engineers that create the waterfalls 271 years before Crist! And is also telling you about people who was able to make together the beauties of the nature and industrial needs of water.

Here you can find very sustainable territory, where the energy is produced thanks to the water, where you can enjoy foods at 0 km, where you can move by using bike! Come here and you will love our land!

If you want to contact us for more info please write at: info@marmoretourist.com